The Human Lab Rat

I stare at this picture and go back in time five years ago. A healthy, active, and young woman suddenly became a foreigner in her own body. The pain expanded uncontrollably from the hands to the shoulders and the knees to the feet in a short amount of time. Mornings were now a living hell since it took me forever to shower and get dressed to go to work. My joints were shutting down and it felt like all of my aches were finding their rhythm. Time suddenly became slower just like my turtle pace walking. …

Travel. Santorini. Europe

Unlock Your World with These Top 5 Activities

Fully vaccinated and restrained from traveling for over a year due to the global pandemic, my partner and I eagerly waited to resume our traveling adventures. Needless to say, we were staggered when Greece gifted us with opening their borders and easing curfew restrictions.

A dream came true last week when we visited one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places on earth — Santorini, Greece.

The beauty of Santorini is mesmerizing to the eyes and unique soul of each beholder. Santorini is a crescent moon-shaped island with multi-colored cliffs soaring out of a sea-drowned caldera, topped by drifts of…

Master the 3 F’s Approach

How many times did you follow “inner voices” that diminished you and convinced you that you were not good enough? How many times did you see life with pessimism but yet continued to live in a mediocre complacency? It is easy to fall into this psychological trap. You consent to a dull routine where goals are unattainable in your thoughts and acceptance suddenly becomes the new norm.

Life is not simple and it will never be binary. Pain, mistakes, and disappointments come in so many different facets, but we’ve all experienced them at some level.

Redirection is key in your…

Love Defying Adversity

There is a saying that proclaims real love will find you when you least expect it. Whether you are ready or encountering your mix of emotions, the arrival of real love does not discriminate. It is that kind of love that fills your lungs with new air, gives your heart that extra beat, and naturally dilates your pupils.

The real love that shows you who you are even more capable of becoming, alongside someone who values your growth as much as their own. …

Nicol Valentina

An outlander who loves to embrace life itself — the good, the bad, all what life has to offer. | RA Warrior | Traveler | Lover | Family | Personal Growth |

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